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  What is PWgui ?

  Project description

PWgui is a GUI for PWscf based programs from Quantum-ESPRESSO integrated suite of codes for electronic structure calculations and materials modeling at the nanoscale.

The following PWscf modules are supported by the GUI: pw.x, neb.x, ph.x, pp.x, projwfc.x, bands.x, dos.x, d3.x, and ld1.x. This means PWgui is able to either "create" new or "edit" existing input files for these modules. In addition, it is possible to run the PWscf programs by using the PWgui. PWgui can also use the XCrySDen program (http://www.xcrysden.org/) for the visualization of atomic structures from the pw.x input/output files, or for the visualization of properties calculated via the sequence: pw.x --> pp.x (when the property was saved into an XSF file).

PWgui is a GUI application that uses the Guib engine!!!


[Mar 03 2017] Release of PWgui-6.1
[Oct 04 2016] Release of PWgui-6.0
[Jan 13 2015] Release of PWgui-5.1.1
[Apr 04 2014] Release of PWgui-5.1
[Nov 22 2012] Release of PWgui-5.0.2
[May 15 2012] Release of PWgui-5.0

  Software Map categories

Intended Audience: Users of PWscf
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Programming Language: [incr Tcl/Tk]
Libraries: Guib + Iwidgets
Topic: Graphical User Interfaces, Electronic structure calculations
Developer Info
Anton Kokalj
Anton Kokalj
Carlo Sbraccia
Paolo Giannozzi

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